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A Redentora is the second series of an ongoing project which the artist, Patricia Montrase, decided to start in 2014. The idea is to delve into the history of female figures, who somehow, have left their mark and are judged to this day by their decisions and actions. Without denying her mystical side, Patricia then decided to explore the afterlife of each of them, portraying in a melancholy way, a peaceful and obscure atmosphere.

After exploring the afterlife of Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, in the series entitled 'Qu'ils Mangent de la Brioche', the artist returns to her roots in search of the history of Princess of Brazil, the Empress, the almost Queen, the Redeemer: Princess Isabel. Determined to explore each place genuinely, go deep into the history of each one of them, read each letter written, every book available, Patricia went to Petropolis/RJ and spent a week tracing the same steps of one of the most controversial figures in Brazil.

The immersion in Isabel's history brings the reality, first of all, of a woman who faced criticism, emotional losses, and withdrawal from the country he loved most. Your name is marked by only one decision. Redeemer by circumstance, on May 13, 1888, the Brazilian Princess signed the Áurea Law, which led not only to the end of slavery, but to the end of the monarchy in Brazil.


Each image of the series is a step in the walk of the Princess's afterlife, spaces that the artist believes that contain energy, and who knows, the spirit of the Princess. The small town of Petrópolis, which
Isabel she loved and was not able to give the last breath of her life.

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